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We offer a full package service for pallets from scrap collections to sort repair and paint, we can also supply a range of second hand and new pallets to fulfil any customer requirements.
A second part of our Business offers transport services for Both UK and Europe.

We are looking to build partnerships with our customers base and tailor our support to meet their requirements.

Transport Management

Transport Management achieves cost-effective distribution of load carries while focusing on your demand. Making a significant contribution to your corporate success.

Freight forwarding

Overseeing the moment of cargo, packing documentation and customs clearance on behalf of our customers, ensuring they carry on with business as usual without worrying about this.


Collection your pallets for; distribution from various sites, to picking them up for repair. We can take the stress of moving pallets and make it a streamline process.

Buy and sell pallets

We buy and sell second hand pallets, which helps both the environment and our clients.

Pallet sort / repair / spray

Repairing pallets, to decrease the environmental impact of pallet production and bring life to slightly broken pallets


We create new pallets, utilising industry standard manufacturing process and outstanding quality control measures.


Need a bespoke pallet for a particular job? Look no further, we can build pallets to any specified size.

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A great company, that fully exceeded on our expectations and delivered on our requirements in a professional and timely manor.Mark

Leighton was my Logistic Manager when I run Seda UK Ltd. I enjoyed seeing him growing in our organization and even more when he gained leadership within the McDonald’s UK system.Lorenzo